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Drael Computer Corporation develops custom software  for office
automation.  We use state-of-the-art tools to develop
applications that run on MS Windows, MS Windows NT
and  MS DOS systems. The tools used include Microsoft
SDK, DDK, C/C++, Visual Basic, Access, FoxPro, MS 
Excel, MS Word.

Our senior application developers design software systems using structured, object-based methodologies.  Meeting requirements, design flexibility, ease of maintenance and time constraints are all taken into consideration to give you the best product possible for your development dollars.


Do you have some old code written by programmers you no longer use?  Drael can help you update and maintain existing source code.  We also provide:

  • Enhancement of features

  • Bug fixes

  • Code updating/rewriting

  • Compatibility Updates


Drael can take care of your documentation needs. We offer documentation for every software project we deliver.  We can also provide:

  • Project Proposals

  • Requirements Documentation

  • Design Documentation

  • Functional Specifications

  • User Manuals

Technical Support

Drael provides technical support to all our clients free of charge for the first 90 ninety days.  We can also offer ongoing support depending on your needs.  





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