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Flying Bee



Drael Computer Corporation is a professional company that develops Internet solutions. We use the latest technologies and techniques to provide our clients with high quality web and Internet solutions. We pride ourselves in keeping a close relationship with our customers.  Some of the services we provide are:



Web Design/Upgrading/Maintenance

We will design your website according to your business type and clientele. If your site needs a makeover, we can help get your site a new, fresh look and feel. We also do web maintenance and revisions as often as you like.  Our services also include submitting your sites to search engines to get you the best Search Engine Optimization possible.

Web Hosting

Although we do not do permanent web hosting, we will temporarily host your website during the interim period while getting you set up with you Internet Service Provider (ISP) or hosting provider.  We can help you select a hosting service suitable to your company's needs.


Our consultants can help set up your email accounts.

Domain Name Registration

We can help you register your own domain name. (www.yourcompany.com)






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