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PortWatcher (trial)
Stores the data stream from serial ports in files.
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Exertell (free)
Reminds you to get up and stretch once in a while. Requires Windows 95 or NT 4.0 (2.2 MB).
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Please click on the link to download the latest version of the software.  Some releases are marked as free.  Please feel free to give these versions to anyone you like as long as they are not used commercially.  There is no warranty implied with these products, however,  and these free versions are not supported.  We do welcome your suggestions, so feel free to send us feedback for future releases. We have made every effort to test the software on as many platforms and configurations as possible.  We expect them to work in most environments, but please use at your own risk. Check this site periodically for new releases.

PortWatcher can be used in trial mode until it expires or it is activated with a key.  It is used to capture a data stream from a serial port into a file.

Exertell was designed to help prevent stiff necks and headaches from sitting in front of your computer screen too long.   It can be configured to remind you to get up and stretch or walk or whatever each hour or some other appropriate time interval.

When you click to download, you will be asked to register your copy.   The free versions are not serialized, but registration is required.  Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with these services.


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